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Article: ION* Gut Support for Goats, Too!

happy healthy goats that are now thriving and have strong immune function because they were supplemented with ION* gut support
ION Gut Support

ION* Gut Support for Goats, Too!

Information At-A-Glance

  • ION* Gut Support is well known to benefit Humans, Horses and Dogs

  • This is a story of one sick goat and her recovery with ION* Gut Support 


About a month ago, we had a customer come into our store looking for some help for her poor goat. The youngster was a rescue and came riddled with parasites, diarrhea, anemia, and assorted other ailments that a young goat shouldn't have to endure. Vets had prescribed several courses of antibiotics, antiparasitics, b-12 injections, probiotics and antifungals, yet the goat was losing ground daily. When she found us, I listened to her story and suggested that this poor little girls' digestive system, and therefore her immune system as well, was in desperate need of attention. I suggested she try ION* Gut Support in the hopes of healing her poor gut. I didn't know if it would work, but she decided it was worth a try and felt this little girl didn't have much time left so why not.

I am happy to report that after one month of ION* Gut Support, this little goat has made a huge recovery. The picture shows her after 1 teaspoon of Restore for Gut Health daily for 30 days. We know it works in people, dogs and horses. Now I can confidently say this stuff works in goats, too!

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