Acadian Kelp Meal

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Information At-A-Glance

  • Holistic alternative to expensive, manufactured and commercial vitamin/mineral products
  • 60+ minerals, 12+ vitamins and full range of amino acids
  • May boost effectiveness of other supplements

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Norwegian Kelp is a brown seaweed which grows along the North Atlantic shorelines of Canada and Europe. Acadian Kelp is harvested off the cold, clean nutrient-rich coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is harvested under rigorous quality control standards to preserve the maximum benefits of the live seaweed. After harvest it is then ground or milled to various mesh sizes for specific feeding requirements. This form of Kelp has been used for centuries as a natural source feed supplement, and is a chief source of nutrients for horses, providing over 60 minerals and elements, more than 12 vitamins, including carotene, tocopherol and folic acid; valuable carbohydrates including Alginic acid, Laminarin and Mannitol, as well as a full range of amino acids. Sold by the pound.