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Our Story - Headley Holistics


Headley Holistics is a small, family-owned business located in the Pacific Northwest. Our story begins many years ago with our Co-Founder’s journey to reclaim her own health. 

Shelley’s Battle with Auto-Immune Disorders 

From an early age, two things were true for Shelley: 1) She loved horses (really any animal) and 2) she was dealt an unfortunate set of health challenges from a very early age. But life goes on… and so did Shelley. 

After a lifetime of struggles, 40+ years of suffering from several different auto-immune disorders and 40+ years of western medicine prescribing more pharmaceuticals to compensate for the side effects from the last pharmaceutical they prescribed, things came to a head. Shelley’s health, quality of life, vitality and life force were waning… It was 2014, and at the age of 53 it was unclear if Shelley was going to make another trip around the sun. Then, out of nowhere, something miraculous happened. 

Hope in the Form of Water

It was February 2014 and a friend of the family brought to us a holistic product called Double Helix Water. He made no claims or promises but said, “maybe it will help Shelley.” Despite being met with a heavy dose of skepticism, given her  condition and current health outlook, we figured it was worth a try. We had little to no expectations… Oh, Boy, were we wrong.

Within 3 days, Shelley’s body went into a severe detox. This seemingly innocuous product was facilitating 40 years of pent up detoxification and it was intense. After consulting with her naturopath, Shelley decided  if this little bottle of water could  cause this much discomfort, clearly it was doing something and whatever that something was, she needed it badly. 

We scaled back her dose to make the detoxification more bearable and continued forward with the Double Helix Water protocol, now feeling more curious than skeptical. What else could this little bottle of water do? After that initial shock of detox, Shelley started to feel better. Every day she woke up, she felt a little better than she did the day before. And after 40 years of feeling a little worse every day she woke up, this turnaround was  welcomed relief, like a cool breeze on a hot summer's day. 

Reinvigorated, and inspired. Shelley capitalized on this new sense of health and wellbeing. She changed her diet to include more organic, whole foods and minimize processed, low quality foods. She began integrating more holistic medicines like ION* Gut Support, Pectasol C Modified Citrus Pectin, Silver Biotics, and MycoPhyto Complex. She even began (and eventually succeeded in) eliminating all pharmaceuticals from her life.

Our Animals Needed Help Too

With Shelley now experiencing a sense of health and wellbeing she had not felt since she was a teenager, we began to focus on our animals. We noted that, similar to Shelley’s journey, the conventional “wisdom” had no answers or solutions for the health challenges our animals were struggling with.

Lifestyle diseases in our dogs like cancers, thyroid issues and diabetes. Metabolic disorders, hoof issues and fertility issues in our horses… None of these things existed 50 years ago. And despite the pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries the western paradigm proffers as a solution, none of our animals' health challenges were being resolved. While specific symptoms were being managed to some degree, albeit poorly, we decided to go a different direction and forge a new path.

Achieving the Impossible, Again. 

Starting with the animals on our farm, we began to apply the same principles and approach that had helped Shelley heal. You may or may not be surprised to hear, we found success, over and over again. We  consistently achieved results that the conventional “wisdom” claimed were impossible. Yet we did it again and again. Like our horse, Gypsy who was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease at the age of 29.  Following an exclusively holistic approach we designed, she lived 12 more years and was healthy and vibrant until the very end. In fact, at the youthful age of 36, she even starred in a full-length feature film titled, “The Pony Man.”

Or one of our yellow labs, Ginger, who was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma at 10 years old and was given just weeks to live. We created a holistic protocol for her and she lived another 4 more joyful years. You can read Ginger’s full story here. At 14 years old, when she finally passed, our vet said Ginger had zero signs of cancer anywhere in her body

We also had a spicy little calico cat named Jazzy. She was around 18 years old when she was diagnosed with kidney failure. She had 0% function in one kidney and only 10% function in the other. We gave her the same natural remedy that had started Shelley on her healing journey, Double Helix Water, and Jazzy lived for another 4 more rambunctious years. 

Shelley’s beloved Arabian horse, Kelidar, foundered at the age of 10 and had 6 degrees of rotation in both front hooves. Our vet said we might as well put him down because a horse can never recover from that. Shelley devised a DIY solution out of the common household items we had around the farm. A year later, x-rays confirmed we had completely reversed the rotation,  leaving our vet speechless. Learn our DIY solution for hoof sole support and coffin bone rotation here.

A New Calling

We could go on but you get the point. We decided it was our calling to share what we had learned and to help others who want to choose a holistic path for themselves and the animals they care for. In 2021, we decided to transition away from the feed and tack store our family had owned and operated on our farm for the last 25 years to  focus on holistic remedies and natural supplements and to help others  who, like us, are seeking a different path.

In April of 2022, we officially launched Headley Holistics and shortly after that we unveiled our very own product line, Evolved Remedies. Grounded in organic, whole food and superfood supplements, we pride ourselves on creating and carrying the best horse supplements and holistic dog care products, while also helping humans thrive, too. 

Welcome to the herd.

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