Our Story

Horses and dogs are our passion and our mission is to help them overcome the toxic burden of their environment so they can live a happier, healthier life. Everything we produce is designed to support your animals holistically, harnessing the power of nature, without chemicals or toxins. The best part of all, our products taste great so your animals will love them and you'll feel good because each supports your animals wellness, from the inside out.

Our story actually begins with our founder's 40-year journey from disease and sickness to health and vibrance. After suffering for a lifetime with various auto-immune diseases, the vast assortment of specialists she was seeing and the wide array of pharmaceuticals prescribed over the years, while calming her symptoms somewhat, could do nothing even remotely close to “curing” her of the debilitating diseases she was suffering from. That all changed in 2014 when she began looking at the entire picture through a different, holistic lens. While she employed numerous methods to rid herself of these dreaded conditions once and for all, each tool in her toolbox shares one common theme: each is natural, holistic, and harnesses all the healing power and energy that nature can provide.

After decades spent training, riding and rescuing, we can tell you a lot about what it takes to support a healthy, vibrant horse in today’s toxic world. Years spent researching the topic have made this one fact abundantly clear: Horses and dogs are suffering from the same toxins in the environment and in their food supply as we are and that fact is all too often ignored. Modern farming practices and the extensive use of agricultural toxins has fueled the rapid rise in disease states in ourselves and in our animals and right now there is no end in sight to the poisoning of our earth.

It is up to each and every one of us to stand up and fight for a healthy, viable, nurturing planet and we are confident that the products we have developed will bring your animals the same healing nutrients that will allow them to not just live, but to thrive!

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