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by Shelley M. Headley

Middle Reader--Young Adult Fiction

Like a lot of young girls, Samantha Steelworth’s only dream is to have a horse of her own, but her divorced mother, Ramona can never afford to fulfill her daughter’s wish.  A chance encounter brings her one step closer to realizing her desire for a horse, but she will first have to forge a friendship with young Annie Johnson, a sharp-tongued girl too big for her britches!

Can Samantha tolerate Annie’s attitude long enough to gain the trust of a rescued Thoroughbred mare that the Johnsons have given her? Will she be able to transform the neglected, abused horse into the horse of her dreams?  The important thing is not the destination, it’s the journey and one thing is certain:  13-year-old Samantha will learn some of the most valuable life lessons that horses have to teach along the way, but it’s not until the horse is taken away from her that she truly understands the message that these lessons impart.  Is Gypsy gone forever or will Samantha one day be reunited with the horse of her dreams?

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