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Tremendous Resource

My name is Lola Michelin and I am an Equine Bodyworker, specializing in equine rehabilitation and the care of geriatric horses. Shelley Headley and her team have been a tremendous resource for our herd over the years. Their advice and their access to superior products have helped us care for horses with advanced DSLD, heavy metal toxicity, chronic laminitis and melanoma. Whether we have needed help in researching information, accessing care or developing protocols that integrate holistic approaches to nutrition and supplementation, their guidance has been invaluable.

Lola J. Michelin
Director of Education, Northwest School of Animal Massage
Animal Massage Practitioner, Prix Performance Therapies

Products, Wisdom, Experience

I have known the Headley's for decades, and they are where I turn when I have something come up with my animals. In conjunction with regular veterinary care, holistic treatment is very important to me. The Headley's knowledge is solid as a rock, and they transmit it in highly understandable terms, which can easily be carried out. They have the products along with the wisdom and experience to put them to their best use.

Debbie Butler, Washington