K9 Nom-Nom Nuggets

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K9 Nom-Nom Nuggets by Evolved Remedies - For Your Pet’s Optimal Wellness  

Did you know? 

The most popular brands use Canola Oil which is known to be unstable, causes oxidative stress and inflammation when ingested and is known to produce high levels of toxic organic compounds when heated.

And, even the “natural” or “healthy” brands often use artificial flavorings and subpar ingredients.

We have 2 varieties of Nom-Nom's Regular and Calming!

K9 Nom-Nom Nuggets from Evolved Remedies Are:

  • 100% Organic
  • 100% Human-Grade Ingredients
  • 100% Free From Common Allergens & Artificial Ingredients or Flavorings 
  • Packed with Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Fiber, Healthy Fats & Phytonutrients
  • Absolutely Loved by Dogs, Even Picky Eaters! 

K9 Nom-Nom Nuggets are some Guilt-Free Love for your canine companions. 

Thanks to our unique formulation and inclusion of the miracle ingredient Black Cumin Seed Press Cake, K9 Nom-Nom Nuggets are packed with beneficial phytonutrients, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. With continued use, these nuggets help to improve your dog's skin and hair quality. 

And the best part? When fed daily the bitter substances of Black Cumin Seed Press Cake act as a natural flea repellent! No more need for harsh chemical flea treatments that are expensive and toxic to your pet and the environment.

If your dog has issues with generalized anxiety, pain or stiffness, try: 

CALMING K9 Nom-Nom Nuggets - read more.

In addition to Black Cumin Seed Press Cake, we added a second potent active ingredient to give your dog the relaxation and rest he needs when faced with stressful situations or to simply ease the pain and stiffness associated with aging.


You love your dog. And now you can share your love with them – guilt free. 

Order K9 Nom-Nom Nuggets today for some guilt-free love your dog deserves.

Ingredients ...

Active Ingredients Per Nugget (Peanut Butter/Honey): Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake, minimum 1g

Active Ingredients Per Nugget (CALMING):  Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake, minimum 1g; Hemp Derived CBD, 5mg

Inactive Ingredients: Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Honey, Organic Coconut flour, Organic Flax Seed Press Cake, Organic Rice Flour, Water, Baking Powder, Organic Vitamin E Oil


Directions for Use ...

 Use at the Following Rate:

Small Dog <20# 1 Nugget/Day

Medium Dog 20-60# 2 Nuggets/Day

Large Dog 60+# 3 Nuggets/Day



Cautions ... 

Keep out of reach of children and other animals

Do not feed to cats


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Steve Hildreth
Fantastic choice for all our dogs

One of our outdoor working dogs, Great Pyr/Anatolian Shepherd, HATES getting brushed and dematted. We gave her 3 of the cookies and she chilled right out, thoroughly enjoying her special spa day.
And for the loud July 4th fireworks we gave both our working dogs and our indoor English Bulldogs 'cookies' that made them much calmer. Recommend these!

Trevor and Maximus
Max Loves Them!

My Golden Retriever, Maximus, Loved the taste of your K-9 Nom-Nom Nuggets, more so then the other brands i’ve used. He got really excited for your nuggets and gobbled them up nightly. Within 45 min - 1 hour he would be fast asleep and relaxed. He was sleeping better and through the night completely. Other products I've used after the first few days would lose their effect but yours have kept the potency every time! Thank you for creating such an amazing product. Maximus and I couldn't be happier.

Lori K.
K9 Nom-Nom Nuggets are Great!

“These are GREAT! My dog LOVES these. Her skin looks great, her whiteheads have disappeared and the hair that she has (she is a hairless breed) is shiny and abundant!”