Organic Flax Seed Press Cake

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The benefits of seed oils, and now seed press cakes, are taking the natural health and healing space by storm.  Everybody in the world, except one company, is using outdated pressing technology that results in subpar oils and press seed cakes.  If you are not using seed oils and press seed cakes from this company, you are wasting your money! Learn More

The many benefits of flax seeds are well known, compared to other flaxseed supplements, Evolved Remedies - Flax Seed Press Cake is easier to use, cheaper and more effective.

Whole Flax Seeds need to be soaked, boiled or ground before feeding.

Pre-ground flax seed supplements start to degrade and lose their nutritional value as soon as the seed is ground. Some companies add artificial preservatives claiming this stops nutrient decay.

Flaxseed oil is not stable and needs to be refrigerated as soon as it's extracted to maintain potency and to prevent spoilage.

Our Flax Seed Press Cake is: 

  • 100% Organic, Free from toxins, chemicals, additives or preservatives
  • Our product has never been ground or heated
  • Shelf stable for years without refrigeration or special storage
  • No grinding needed! Simply scoop desired dose and add to rations
  • Higher concentration of protein and fiber per dose. Along with the Omega-3’s you expect from Flax Seeds

Less is More With Our Flax Seed Press Cake ...

Yes, per dose our Flaxseed Press Cake has less Omega-3’s then other flax supplements but because our product has never been ground or heated and is still bound to its naturally occurring fiber and micro-nutrients, it is better absorbed and utilized when ingested. Less is more with our product and the results speak for themselves! Compared to being supplemented with other flax supplements, Horses supplemented with our Flax Seed Press Cake are healthier and look better - especially when horses are also on our Black Cumin Seed Press Cake or our 5-Seed Press Cake.


Flax Seeds are naturally rich in ...

Protein (amino acids), Fiber, Omega-3,6 and 9 essential fatty acids, B Vitamins, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphorus and iron.


Flax Seed Press Cake is recommended for ...

All classes of horses

To improve skin and hair health

Balance key nutrients 

As a fiber supplement to aid in bowel motility and gut health

To aid in the removal of sand and other foreign substances from the GI Tract


Feeding Directions ...  

3k Bag (enough for one horse for 150 days). Add Organic Flax Seed Press Cake to your horse's feed ration daily.

Mini's and Ponies: 20g

Avg Size Horses: 40g

(10g scoop enclosed)


Customer Reviews

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Pamela C.
So Shiny Now!

Since starting the Black Cumin Seed Press Cake, our horse and donkey coats are so shiny!  With the Flax Seed Press Cake, their gut sounds have never been better and manure always looks fantastic!