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Holistic Horse Supplement - Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake

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The benefits of seed oils, and now seed press cakes, are taking the natural health and healing space by storm.  Everybody in the world, except one company, is using outdated pressing technology that results in subpar oils and press seed cakes.  If you are not using seed oils and press seed cakes from this company, you are wasting your money! Learn More

All with one SUPERFOOD Supplement:

+ Improve Skin, Hair and Hoof Quality

+ Boost Natural Detoxification Pathways

+ Provide Mild Calming

+ Boost Immune System

+ Natural Feed Through Fly Repellent!


Supplementing your horse with numerous individual supplements is expensive and time consuming, plus you run the risk of over supplementing nutrients which can lead to inadvertent toxicity.

Evolved Remedies’ Black Cumin Seed Press Cake is the next evolution in equine nutrition. Packed with many key nutrients, these powerful super seeds offer a whole host of benefits, effectively replacing many of the supplements you currently use; all at a fraction of the cost. Saving you money, making feeding time easier and your horse has never looked better.

History of Use...

Black Cumin Seeds (Nigella Sativa) have been touted for their many benefits dating all the way back to Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti of ancient Egypt and Ancient Greek physicians Hippocrates and Dioscorides. Black Cumin Seeds have been utilized by Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners for ages. 

To this day, in its native growing regions of the world, Black Cumin Seeds continue to be an integral part of daily nutrition for animals and humans alike. North America is just now catching onto this powerful superfood and its many benefits.

Black Cumin Seeds are naturally rich in...

Protein (amino acids), Fiber, phytosterols, healthy fats, B Vitamins, calcium, potassium, folic acid, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, and the Phytonutrients: Thymoquinone, Thymohydroquinone, and Thymol.

Black Cumin Seed Press Cake is recommended for ...

All classes of horses

To improve Skin, Hair and Hoof Quality

Balance Key Nutrients

Provides Mild Calming Effect

Support Natural Detoxification Pathways

And acts as a Natural Fly Repellent 

Feeding Directions ...

3k Bag (enough for one horse for 150 days).  Simply add Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake to your horses feed rations daily.

Mini's / Ponies 10g

Avg Size Horse (1,000lbs) 20g

(10g scoop enclosed)

Caution Statements ...

Do not feed to cats

Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven 

Holistic Horse Supplement - Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake
Holistic Horse Supplement - Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake Sale price$74.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
maggie rikard
Just started using

I got a sample of this to try. I noticed an immediate difference in my old dog. So, I bought full size bags to feed to my horses. Definitely fewer flies on them (still using fly masks but not all the time). Need more time to see if it helps with coat and hoof quality etc. Awesome company and customer service.

nevaeh h.

I put my mustang gelding on this around 4 months ago, and let me tell you, he is the shiniest horse in the barn! His hoofs have never looked better! He has always had swelling problems when bugs would bite him, and he has had minimal reactions this spring so far!! this is my favorite supplement EVER!! Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

jaimie cloud

Thank you. Phoenix's hooves have improved and her movement is flexible. We love the cumin cakes.

Annie Bryant
Wouldn't go without it!

This product has been a staple in my feed routine since I tried it! My horses and mules are healthier than ever, their coats and hooves look absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend this product enough!

Pamela C.
So Shiny Now!

Since starting the Black Cumin Seed Press Cake, our horse and donkey coats are so shiny!  With the Flax Seed Press Cake, their gut sounds have never been better and manure always looks fantastic!

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