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Article: Minerals for the Metabolically Challenged Horse

Picture of a healthy horse striding through field, Key minerals for horses with metabolic issues can help to minimize the damage and issue
Cushings and EMS

Minerals for the Metabolically Challenged Horse

Headley Horse Hacks 2023 - Episode #007 

People often ask us “Can Equine Metabolic Syndrome be reversed?” In this episode we share what to feed a horse with Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) and a holistic remedy for horses with metabolic issues. This is the natural approach for horses with Cushing’s. 

3 Key nutrients you should be adding to your daily feed: High Quality Cinnamon, Chromium and Magnesium. (Make sure you don’t feed Magnesium Oxide! Choose a better form.)

Headley Horse Hacks is an educational short video series where we share tips, tricks and tutorials to help your horse be healthier, and your life easier.

Video Chapters
00:00 Holistic Remedy for Horses with Metabolic Issues
00:24 Cushings vs Equine Metabolic Syndrome 
00:37 The Biochemistry of Cushings and Equine Metabolic Syndrome
01:01 Cinnamon, Chromium and Magnesium for Metabolic Issues
01:21 Cinnamon Dosing, Quality Matters
01:36 Beware Magnesium Oxide

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