A Cat Named Thai and her Kidney Issues

A Double Helix Water Testimonial 

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  • Thai's Kidneys were failing, conventional veterinary practices did not have answers
  • A simple regiment of Double Helix Water restored Thai's vitality


Dear Dr. Khalsa:

Last summer we scheduled an appointment with you to guide us on what to do for our new kitty Thai who we had recently adopted. According to the blood work Thai's kidneys were barely functioning (the veterinarians here said about 10%). Thai barely ate, she was hungry and asked for food but wouldn't eat. She threw up a lot, had many hair balls. She would stand at the water dish and drink for lengthy periods of time.

You acknowledged the blood results but then suggested a treatment worth trying which was just give them the Double Helix Water a few times a day with syringe diluted in distilled water.

We did the treatment you suggested and it went really well. Soon after completing the protocol Thai began to eat again, and now she has a voracious appetite. She stopped drinking excessive amounts of water. Her coat is fluffy, shiny and soft. She is bouncing around and running and playing like a young cat (We found out she is 15 years old and playful as ever!). We are thrilled! She is happy and doing great! Thank you so much Dr. Khalsa! Thai had been given a death sentence and was thought to be a lost cause. And there were even comments the suggested treatment was pointless and radical, but what you suggested made all the difference in the world!!!

Maia Kincaid Ph.D. Author, Animal Communicator, Transformational Coach & founder of The Sedona International School for Animal Communication

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