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Article: Can Horses Eat Black Cumin Seeds?

Picture of whole Black Cumin Seeds, the Secret Superfood Evolved Remedies has designed for as the best horse supplement. great for shiny horse coat, natural horse fly repellent, supports horse immune system, an improves horse hoof healthd

Can Horses Eat Black Cumin Seeds?

Can Horses Eat Black Cumin Seeds?

The short answer is Yes, Horses can indeed eat Black Cumin Seeds, in fact most horses LOVE the taste. But there are a few things to keep in mind as you consider adding these magical seeds to your feeding program.

Black Cumin Seed Press Cake is the best new holistic horse supplement you’ve never heard of.

In this article we will cover everything you need to know about this groundbreaking organic horse supplement, Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake.

Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake Helped Heal Our Horses Allergic Reaction Welts

Article Contents:

History of Use
Whole Seeds vs Seed Cakes
How to Choose the Best Seed Cake
Black Cumin Seed Press Cake Benefits
Black Cumin Seed Press Cake Nutrient Contents  

Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake has a long history of use in horses

History of Use - Black Cumin Seeds

Black Cumin Seeds have a long-standing tradition of use around the world dating back centuries. Primarily in the regions of the world where Black Cumin Seeds (Nigella Sativa) grow naturally, these seeds have been an integral part of the daily lives of both humans and animals alike. In more recent years, the western world has begun to realize the amazing benefits of this potent superfood. As evidenced in the countless peer reviewed research articles published today, Black Cumin Seeds have become a point of interest for both university academics and the holistic health seeker. 

Black Cumin Seeds - Research

Research published in the Indian Journal of Animal Sciences in 2018 highlights the local tradition of including black cumin seeds in horses' diets. The study examines the feed resources, feeding practices, and nutritional status of horses in four major horse-rearing areas of the Budgam district. The study involved interviews with equine-keeping families and analysis of the feeds and fodders provided to the horses. Nigella sativa (black cumin) is mentioned as part of a blend of several spicy ingredients, locally called 'masala', which was fed to horses. The traditional belief behind feeding this blend is that it helps to maintain body temperature and appetite, removes infection from the intestines, and maintains intestinal health. (1)

Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake Benefits for Horses

Black Cumin Seed Cake users have reported other benefits too!

So Shiny Now! - Pamela C, Washington

“Since starting the Black Cumin Seed Press Cake, our horse and donkey coats are so shiny!  With the Flax Seed Press Cake, their gut sounds have never been better and manure always looks fantastic!” 

Great Product! - Matthew B, Ohio

“We train colts for barrel racing and when they come in I put them on Black Cumin Seed Press Cake first feeding to help them cope with the new environment.”

Whole Seeds vs Seed Cakes

So what’s better, Whole Seeds or Seed Cakes? The most important factor in nutritional science is nutrient bioavailability, the availability of nutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals, protein, etc) to be used by the cells of the body. Food and supplements have a long way to go from being eaten to being absorbed by cells inside of the body. The challenge with whole seeds is that they often make it through the entire GI tract intact without ever being broken down enough to release their prized nutrients and be absorbed by the cells. Seed Cakes or Press Seed Cakes is what is left over after some of the oil of the seeds has been extracted. This process transforms these tiny ridgid seeds into a digestion-friendly composition allowing the consumer of the seed cakes to reap the many benefits contained in this potent superfood. 

Miracle Product - Lori K, Washington

“I want to recommend the wonderful Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake! My boys absolutely love it! I have 2 horses - one is 20 and the other is 10, and 2-24 y.o. mini donkeys. I have been using the Black Cumin Seed Press Cake for 6 weeks and have noticed a profound improvement in the quality and appearance of their hair coats. Also, my chubby boy is now slimming down (I haven't changed anything else in his routine). You have to try this for yourself!” 


 Product Photo Of Evolved Remedies Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake for Horses

Not All Seed Cakes Are The Same. How to Choose the Best Seed Cakes.

Process matters, Black Cumin Seed Press Cake is no exception. The process the whole seeds go through that eventually ends up in your horse's feed bucket can greatly impact the quality and nutrients of the Seed Cake. There are two primary factors to consider. 1) the quality of the Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin Seeds) the process starts with; and 2) the pressing process that extracts some of the oil.

Things to look for:

  1. Feed-Grade / Human-Grade (even better!)
  2. USDA Certified Organic Raw Ingredients
  3. USDA Certified Organic Facility
  4. Composition of the Seed Cake, Does your seed cake look like a compressed tube of powder or does it look like flakes?

So Far So Good - Susan S, Vermont

“I am desperate to help my horses deal with the flies and ticks here in VA. A former riding coach suggested I try cumin seed cake and told me to buy from you. So I have two horses, one who hardly had any bites at all and my poor chestnut who is covered in bites from the tip of his ears to the top of his hooves. He does wear a sheet, but doesn’t like it and that is the only place he is not completely covered in bites. I bought some garlic because my new riding instructor has friends that swear by it. So I started giving my TB garlic (the horse with few bites), and my picky Hanoverian chestnut cumin seed. First of all, my chestnut liked the cumin, and he is very picky about what he will eat. He turned his nose up at the garlic and refused to touch his feed when I accidentally switched buckets with the TB, and he took one whiff of the bucket and dug into his hay. I have been feeding the chestnut for about two weeks, 10 mg a day. The bumps on his legs have largely disappeared, and the bumps that were covering his face and neck are fewer than before. Now my poor TB is covered all over his face with itchy bumps and has bumps all over his legs since being on the garlic. I started him on the cumin yesterday. So we shall see how things go. I am hoping this stuff will do the trick for both of them.”



Evolved Remedies is the exclusive distributor of Andreas Seed Oils Press Seed Cakes.

Andreas is the inventor and patent holder for the most advanced oilseed presses in the world. To learn more about his process and why it is superior to every other press in the world, read a full article here. The short version is that his process is meticulous, he has long-standing relationships with some of the best growers around the world and only sources the highest quality ingredients. His patented pressing technology does what no other oilseed press in the world can do: pressing the seeds whole without generating high heat levels. The importance of this cannot be understated. Andreas’s process and pressing not only yields the most highly regarded and effective oils on the market today, his seed cakes are rich in nutrients, uncorrupted, and extremely potent. 

Wouldn’t Go Without It! - Annie B, Washington

“This product has been a staple in my feed routine since I tried it! My horses and mules are healthier than ever, their coats and hooves look absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend this product enough!”

Thank You So Much! - Machel J, New Mexico

“Usually at this time of year I've got fly traps, fly spray, fly masks, and fly predators all working together. Some flies still light on the horses, including in the corners of the horses eyes; however, it's a drastically reduced number. No flies are landing on the manure. The horses love, love, love, their new feeding routine. Pepito, who was starting to knuckle over in his back pasterns is no longer showing this tendency. He is moving with a lot of spunk in his step. No indication of pain or knuckling or lameness. The weight and sheen on all the horses is continuing to look much better. I am happy with the shifts I am seeing so far.”

Black Cumin Seeds Benefits and Nutrient Profile

Evolved Remedies Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake has been reported to support horses and other equines in many ways.

  • Improved Skin, Hair and Hoof Health 
  • Mild Calming Effect, Energetically cooling 
  • Natural Feed Through Fly Control 
  • Boosts Natural Detoxification Pathways 
  • Supports Overall Wellbeing 

Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin Seeds) are naturally rich in:

Protein (amino acids)
Healthy Fats
B Vitamins 
Folic acid 
PLUS the Phytonutrients: Thymoquinone, Thymohydroquinone, and Thymol.

If you are looking for an organic, holistic horse supplement to help your horse thrive, look no further than Evolved Remedies’ Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake.

The potent combination of key nutrients allows users to simplify their feeding regimen, eliminating the need for many common supplements like multivitamins, hoof supplements, gut supplements, even fly sprays and fly sheets! 

One of the most coveted benefits new users report is the mild calming effect. Many new users report back after the first month or two of use and remark “it’s almost as if my horse is just more comfortable in his/her skin.” This is especially true for more anxious and high strung horses like some lines of thoroughbreds. 

Imagine your horse's coat so deep and rich in color they look like a completely different horse. Imagine your horse being so shiny you almost need to wear sunglasses to look at them on a sunny day. Imagine hoof issues, gone. Imagine a horse always calm, relaxed, and content. Now imagine achieving all of this while feeding fewer supplements and paying a fraction of the cost. Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake from Evolved Remedies is all this and so much more. 

Now you can have the peace of mind knowing you are supporting your horse's nutritional needs with a 100% organic, human-grade, holistic horse supplement that won’t break the bank. You can take all the extra money you will save on your supplement bills and buy those new boots you’ve been dreaming about.

Evolved Remedies is a Wellness Re-Evolution for Horse, Hound and Human. 

Shop This Game Changing Superfood Here

Learn why our seed cakes are more potent than any other seed cake in the world.

Take a deep dive of horse hoof supplements and Black Cumin Seed Press Cake.


  1. S. Hassan, A. M. Ganai, Y. A. Beigh, J. Farooq, A. A. Khan, H. A. Ahmad, & D. Masood, “Available feed resources, feeding practices and nutrition status of horses in Budgam district of Kashmir valley” Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 88 (11): 1299-1304, November 2018/Article
  2. S. H. Bhat, H. A. Ahmed, D. Medhi, & A. M. Ganai, “Feeding Practices of Cart Pulling Horses in Kashmir Valley” The Indian Journal of Field Veterinarians Vol: 7 No: 4 Jan pp 57-58, 2012.

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