Redmond First Aid for Horses

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Natural Wound Care for Horses

Is your horse suffering from painful bites, sores, cuts, or burns? Redmond First Aid clay heals superficial horse injuries by sealing wounds, drawing out infection, repelling flies, and preventing proud flesh. Make First Aid your first choice for natural healing.

INGREDIENTS:  Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate

Redmond First Aid for Horses is easy to apply! Just mound a thick layer over your horse’s wound and continue applying once or twice daily. A wrap can also be used to keep the clay moist and protect the wound. The clay will seal the affected area, draw out infection, repel flies and bacteria, and leave a clean repair.

Bentonite, also known as montmorillonite, is an age-old healing clay with incredibly diverse curative properties. Some call it Mother Nature’s pharmacy. We call it the “clay of a thousand uses.” Redmond bentonite in particular excels at healing sores, rope burns, cuts, and bites on horses.

  • PREVENTS PROUD FLESH--Promotes a clean, rapid repair and prevents proud flesh from forming.
  • DRAWS INFECTION--Our hydrated bentonite clay soothes on contact and pulls heat and bacteria from infected wounds.
  • SEALS WOUNDS--Acts as an antiseptic and creates a protective barrier against bacteria and flies.