Life Between the Ears: The World from a Saddle (International Collection #3)

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The 3rd International Card Collection is here.  See the many wonders of the world from the view through a saddle. These make great birthday, anniversary, or just because cards.  Blank inside.

Box of 10 Cards |  10 Green Envelopes
5 different cards |  2 of each |  5"x7"

South Africa | photo © Rusty Steel
Faroe Islands | photo © Beinta Jógvansdóttir
Peru | photo © Francesca Cavallero Belon
Canada | photo © Savannah Petrachecko
Italy | photo © Tania Robustelli

Back of Cards
Each card has a story about the photographer/rider and a paragraph about the rider's horse or breed native to that country. 

A portion of proceeds donated to The Equine Land Conservation Resource–saving land for horses and horse-related activities.