Equine Gut Flush

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Information At-A-Glance

  • All natural formula to stop the common causes of equine colic
  • Safe for all classes of horses
  • Herbal and will not test, safe for competition
  • Assists in the reduction of intestinal gas, GI toxicity, pain and discomfort, and is a mild anti-spasmatic 


To learn more about colic in horses and about this life saving product check out our Blog Post: Seasonal Changes Influence Colic in Horses

Equine Gut Flush is an all natural formula designed to stop the common causes of equine colic. E.G.F.'s formula assists in restoring gut motility, dissipating gas, relieving spasms and softening bowel impactions. It is reported that after E.G.F a normal bout of colic stops within 45 minutes.  Unlike NSAIDS (like Banamine), E.G.F. addresses the internal causes of abdominal colic. Safe for horses, stallions, broodmares, foals. Herbal and will not test, safe for competition.

We have personally used this product dozens of times for our own horses.  Stops colic quickly and easily in all but the most severe cases.  If this product doesn't work within 45 minutes, you should assume that you are dealing with a complicated case of colic, like an intestinal twist, displacement, tumor or large enterolith and should transport your horse to an equine veterinary hospital immediately.