Exselle Hoof Shoe

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Information At-A-Glance

  • Natural hoof shoe replaces a thrown shoe
  • For your barefoot horse when they need more traction
  • And very useful when treating a hoof abscess! 


The Natural Hoof Shoe

The Natural Hoof Shoe by Exselle is the solution to a problem as old as the horseshoe! Just slip on when your horse looses a shoe or use on all four when extra traction is needed for the barefoot horse. These are a "must have". Keep a pair in your saddle bag when on a long ride as loosing a shoe can really be a problem when up in the hills. Also good for breeding stallions to protect from hooves. Comes with replaceable foam pad. New with tags. These are very easy to put on and off and stay on very well and the sturdy nylon is very comfortable for the horse. Not like heavy plastic which can create sores.

Without clamps or dials, The Natural Hoof Shoe is easy to use.  If a regular shoe is lost you can continue to school, condition or turn out for days or even weeks until the farrier arrives.  If you prefer to keep your horses barefoot but need protection periodically, the Natural Hoof Shoe is the solution. When needed, just slip on, close the stretchy double hook/loop flaps and go.  One boot per pkg.

Size 0:  4.5" - 4.75"

Size 1:  4.75" - 5"

Size 2:  5.25" - 5.5"

Size 3:  5.5" - 6"

To get the best fit: Measure diagonally from the corner of the heel to the corner of the toe. Round up your measurement.