Radar's CBD Solution

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Radar’s CBD solution, an attitude adjustment for your horse in 3 easy nuggets. 

We all love the deep sense of calm and relaxation we feel after a day at the spa. Make farrier and vet visits feel like a spa day for your horse.

Radar’s CBD Solution, That spa day chill in 3 easy nuggets.

Farriers, Vets, Bodyworkers and other service providers love Radar’s CBD Solution. Now every horse is their easiest horse to work with.

Radar’s CBD Solution, the key to a tranquil, calm and cooperative horse, every time.

Radar's CBD Solution - Product Video

A convenient CBD Solution your horse will love, with added benefits you will appreciate!
Promotes an overall calming effect and boosts skin, hair and hoof quality.

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First of its kind, Radar’s CBD Solution horse nuggets combine a special blend of synergistic ingredients that work with your horses’ physiology to naturally improve their health and mood. The addition of high quality, hemp-derived CBD isolate gives Radar’s CBD Solution horse nuggets an added boost of calming and relaxation for your horse during stressful situations or events.  


Made With

Organic Steel Cut Oats
Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake
Organic Rice Flour
Organic Coconut Flour
Organic Molasses
Organic Flax Oil
Organic Peppermint Oil
Hemp-Derived CBD Isolate


When to Use Our Product

  • Farrier Appointments
  • Veterinary Appointments
  • When Trailering
  • Stall Rest
  • Separation Anxiety
  • 4th of July fireworks
  • Any situation that raises your horses’ anxiety level


Directions for Use

As with any CBD product, timing is everything.  For best results we recommend you offer Radar’s CBD Solution horse nuggets approximately 2-4 hours BEFORE the stressful event unfolds.  Use maximum amount for really stressful situations, like 4th of July fireworks, with fewer nuggets needed for less stressful events.  Each CBD Solution horse nugget contains 30 mg CBD.  If your horse is in active competition, please check with the appropriate governing board for your discipline regarding the rules and regulations for CBD use in competitive horses.


Serving Size

250#-500#              1-2 Nuggets

500#-1,100#           2-3 Nuggets

1,100#+                  3-4 Nuggets



Pursuant to the State of CA Food and Agricultural Code (FAC) 14321 and 15051, this product is not for sale or distribution in the State of California.


Available in single 3-Nugget dose packs or a bag containing 4 3-Nugget dose packs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rivers’ Holistic Hoof Care
Radar’s CBD Solution has been a great option to take the edge off for nervous and difficult horses

“Radar’s CBD Solution has been a great option to take the edge off for nervous and difficult horses during trims. Working with relaxed horses (and donkeys) is more safe and pleasant for everybody involved, these nuggets can help make the difference for some equines.”

Baahaus Animal Rescue Group
Thank you! This product is amazing!

“We are a farm animal rescue, non-profit organization. Lilly the Standard Donkey came to us some years ago from a very abusive situation. She has always needed to be drugged for each farrier visit—but not now! Since discovering Radar’s CBD Solution, Lilly is calm, easy to handle for the farrier and completely relaxed for the rest of the day. Thank-you Headley Holistics for making all our lives less stressful!”

Shelley H.
Trims are so easy with Radar’s CBD Solution

“Two or three nuggets, two hours before farrier appointments, and my horses practically sleep right through their trims. It’s so easy, my horses love them and my farrier couldn’t be happier!”

Kristine D.
Fantastic Product

“They worked great and the horses loved them—gobbled right up! A noticeable improvement in their fear-factor. In years’ past [on the 4th of July], they would be on high alert, spinning around in the paddock at every BOOM! But this year, heads down and casually snacking with an occasional head up ‘Oh, that was loud’, then went back to grazing. Plus it was nice to not have to buy an entire bottle of tincture that I would only use once a year. So much easier. Thanks so much!”

Debbie B.
Fear of 4th of July, Gone!

“Bless you for formulating this amazing product. My decades-long hatred and terror of the 4th of July can now be a thing of the past; my animals will be safe.”