Horse Coat Color and Mineral Needs

Headley Horse Hacks 2023 - Episode #005

Your horses coat color can be a great indicator of their mineral needs and deficiencies!

In this episode we discuss copper deficiency in horses, how to improve your horses coat with proper mineral levels, why your horses coat color can tell you what minerals your horse needs and more!

Headley Horse Hacks is an educational short video series where we share tips, tricks and tutorials to help your horse be healthier, and your life, easier.

Video Chapters

00:00 Horse Coat Color and Mineral Needs
00:12 Black, Chestnut and Red Horses Need More Copper
00:23 Where'd All the Copper Go?
00:36 Copper is Essential for Healthy Horses
00:47 Zinc Displaces Copper, Check Your Grains
00:58 Headley Horse Hack #5 - Copper For Horses
01:08 Easy Way to Know if Your Horse is Copper Deficient


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