CM Response Joint Action Cream

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Information At-A-Glance

  • All Natural Joint Pain Relief Cream
  • Active Ingredient: Cetyl Myrisoleate
  • With arnica and aloe vera
  • No harmful preservatives in natural formulation
  • Designed for daily use


This amazing topical cream provides a uniquely balanced proprietary blend of two of the most effective joint-health ingredients on the market - cetyl myristoleate and glucosamine HCl, combined with soothing aloe vera - that nourishes and lubricates joint tissues. Targeted temporary relief of muscle soreness and joint stiffness. Unscented and water-based, it's readily absorbed by the skin for fast-acting relief when and where it is needed most. 

Different than other creams that work only on the surface of the skin, CM Response® penetrates the skin and enters the blood supply where it travels quickly to the connective tissues in the area. Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, an analgesic and a joint lubricant. Very effective in relieving neck and back pain and pain from arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and fibromyalgia.

Contains cetyl myristoleate, a non-shellfish source of glucosamine HCl and hyaluronic acid.  Cetyl Myristoleate is a powerful esterified fatty acid that promotes comfort and mobility in joints and muscles, while quieting the effects of joint stress and irritation.  
Uniquely designed to support and sustain joint and muscle health in people of all ages and activity levels. 

No animal by-products, no risk of shellfish allergies; paraben-free. Apply liberally 3-4 times daily; massage until absorbed. For even greater, longer-lasting relief, use in conjunction with CM Response Capsules®. Will not stain or stick to clothing. For external use only. Do not apply to sensitive skin.  Made in the USA.  4 ounce tube.