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Radar’s CBD solution, an attitude adjustment for your horse in 3 easy nuggets. 

We all love the deep sense of calm and relaxation we feel after a day at the spa. Make farrier and vet visits feel like a spa day for your horse.

Radar’s CBD Solution, That spa day chill in 3 easy nuggets.

Farriers, Vets, Bodyworkers and other service providers love Radar’s CBD Solution. Now every horse is their easiest horse to work with.

Radar’s CBD Solution, the key to a tranquil, calm and cooperative horse, every time.

A convenient CBD Solution your horse will love, with added benefits you will appreciate!
Promotes an overall calming effect and boosts skin, hair and hoof quality.

First of its kind, Radar’s CBD Solution horse nuggets combine a special blend of synergistic ingredients that work with your horses’ physiology to naturally improve their health and mood. The addition of high quality, hemp-derived CBD isolate gives Radar’s CBD Solution horse nuggets an added boost of calming and relaxation for your horse during stressful situations or events.  Available in single 3-Nugget dose packs or a bag containing 4 3-Nugget dose packs.

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