How to Treat Horse Colic Naturally 2023


Headley Horse Hacks 2023 - Episode #008

This might be the most important horse tip we have shared yet… Colic is the number 1 cause of death in horses. In this episode we share the easy remedy to treat horse colic naturally. Equine Gut Flush is an herbal based remedy, in most cases, if this is given at the first signs of colic, you can have your horse on the road to recovery within ½ hour. This is how to treat a colic horse in 2023!\

Conventional treatment for colic in horses is expensive and what do you do if the vet is not immediately available to help when your horse is suffering? No matter what treatment you choose to use, there is never a guarantee that a horse will recover from colic and time is of the essence. The quicker you can intervene once colic symptoms begin, the more likely it is your horse will have a full recovery. 

Equine Gut Flush is a no-brainer for us here on the farm. We always have a couple bottles in the barn. It is an inexpensive remedy that gives us peace of mind. In fact, we used this on our OTTB, Radar, just last week and he was able to recover from his gas colic in about 30 min. 

Headley Horse Hacks is an educational short video series where we share tips, tricks and tutorials to help your horse be healthier, and your life easier.

​​Video Chapters
00:00 Introduction
00:11 Colic is the #1 Cause of Death in Horses
00:21 The Problem with Conventional Treatment of Colic in Horses
00:43 Equine Gut Flush - Powerful Herbal Remedy for Colic in Horses
00:54 How Equine Gut Flush Works to Resolve Colic
01:09 Time is of the Essence When Treating Colic in Horses


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