Headley Holistics: FAQ's, Horse Nutrition, Equine Supplementation and Winter Sale

Transform Your Horse's Health in 2023!

Welcome to a groundbreaking journey in equine nutrition!

In this video, we dive deep into holistic horse nutrition, debunking common myths and revealing why your horse's hay source could be a problem. We discuss the downsides of traditional supplements and feeds, introducing organic, superfood-based alternatives that truly make a difference.

Join us as we explore Headley Holistics' unique approach, emphasizing the importance of high-quality forage and sharing our detox protocol for minimizing toxic burdens. Whether you're a performance horse owner or simply seeking healthier options, our insights on holistic supplements, including Evolved Remedies' innovative products, are game-changers.

We also share our personal journey, from our co-founder's health recovery to applying these principles to our beloved farm animals. This experience inspired us to create Headley Holistics and Evolved Remedies, extending our passion for holistic care to animals and soon, humans too.

Located on a serene island in the Puget Sound, we've been a local business for 25 years, now expanding online to reach and support a broader community. 🌟

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Have questions or thoughts? Drop us a comment below. And don't forget to check out our Winter Sale for exciting offers on our organic products at EvolvedRemedies.com. Your path to holistic animal care starts here! 🌿

Video Chapters:

00:00 Introduction

00:11 Unpopular Opinion on Horse Nutrition

00:57 Our Approach to Equine Nutrition

01:38 How we supplement our Horses

02:38 Our Approach to Performance Horse Nutrition

03:29 Why The Hay You Feed Might Be The Problem

04:12 Glyphosate, The Silent Killer

05:08 Our Story, Headley Holistics

05:51 Who We Are, Headley Holistics

06:35 Headley Holistics and the Birth of Evolved Remedies

07:33 Winter Sale Announcement, Evolved Remedies

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